24 March 2010

Sündiges Vergnügen

confession: i have a strange love for terrible german music. it’s born out of my freshman-year habit of trying to interact with german before my 1030 class; sort of a self-designed immersion program if you will. i’m not sure where the original mp3s i had originated from – this was before the ubiquity of napster and limewire. now, thanks to the magic of youtube, i can indulge this little quirk even more readily.

the amazing dschingis khan. combined with “starship trooper” i’m thinking a disco dance party should be in my future.

and of course, rammstein. this newerish one is nicely political.

side note, i actually went to see rammstein when they were in seattle. it was one of the few rock shows i’ve been to by myself, and certainly the only one where the band lit their instruments on fire then paddled an inflatable raft over the mosh pit.

and, a classic one that i actually used to listen to back in 1997. has my taste improved?

12 March 2010


knowledge of bike snob nyc and bicycle culture not explicitly required, but extremely helpful.

11 March 2010


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