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24 September 2005

for your eyes only

meteora can be tricky to find when there is road construction. after seeing a few rockfalls from the storm last night and the requisite dogs sunning themselves on the road we finally made it to the monasteries. at least we had a chance to stop by a bakery on the way out of town and get some awesome muffins.

there were more people and tour busses at meteora than i had thought possible. combine that with the fact that each individual monastery is actually quite small insite and everything becomes crowded to the point where you can’t even get in. still, we managed to see a substantial portion of the more crowded ones before heading to those further from the road to savor more deeply. the iconography and painting in the sanctuaries was simply stunnying. i wish had a better understanding of the orthodox saints and their representations to better follow the themes. we made it to five monasteries in all, with the best being the last two since they were almost completely vacant. though we had to do yet more hiking to see them, it was well worth it for a chance to really soak in the experience – and to get some photos without seventy people in them!

we headed back to town and headed to the discount market to get some snacks to tide us over until dinner. we ended up getting a bunch of crazy european / greek foods:

  • yogurt with chunks of nuts in it
  • french-fry shaped cheetoes with a sharp cheddar flavor
  • paprika pringles (yum!)
  • potato chips in thin mini-fry shapes

it was all quite tasty despite the strangeness. we snacked and watched arsenal v. west ham tie their game and then a little more euro basket, figuring out that it’s actually the semifinals of greece vs. france. go greece! for dinner we headed to the town square and saw some live traditional folk music and dancing while we ate yet another fantastic meal. sensing a trend here? greek food is so good.