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27 September 2005

departures and the longest day

my phone alarm worked flawlessly. at 17:15 seattle time – 04:15 local – it started ringing, a sound certain to snap me awake. certainly we could have saved ourselves €100 by simply staying at the airport, but i was thankful for the hot shower. we got our taxi and headed out – it was a 45 minute drive and went by quickly as we passed the now-familiar landmarks of athens. the driver was quick, efficient, and rutheless, and his efforts were aided by the nearly-empty streets. the price for this luxury? €45 plus a €5 tip. we wouldn’t be needing those euros anymore anyhow, right?

flying was flying, we went through security screening checkpoints in every airport we visited. frankfurt has poorly designed bathrooms. dulles made me wait in a line for an hour to get my ticket and then i had to pass through homeland security screening. and in general the movies sucked – until we got on the plane home where we lay back and were the only people on board laughing out loud at kicking and screaming.

twenty four hours of travel later we arrived in seattle, with clear but cool skies and stories to share.