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28 August 2006

a war of head vs. heart

how do you tell the difference between a moment of courage and a moment of weakness?

3 Responses to “a war of head vs. heart”

  1. dennyt said:

    Would this be related to posting self-loathing blog entries with passive-aggressive titles stolen from songs?

    And are you referring to the moment you resumed something you knew couldn’t work, or the moment you went into exile?

    Feel free to moderate this, it’s your blog. But if you’re gonna post…

  2. lantius said:

    hmm, considering the massive amount of emo exposition i spared the internet, i should probably add the ‘redacted’ category onto this one.

    but this question stood out and still bugs me. and the best part is, i’m talking about both of those moments and still more in my life. it’s well established that i rock the self-doubt more fully than you mr. t, and part of that is that i’ve become wary of my motives.

  3. dennyt said:

    To quote my favorite philosopher:

    it’s like a pickle stuck between a rock and a hard place, wrapped in a predicament.

    Have fun examining yourself, Mr. Williams :)