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31 August 2006

ten thousand words

the words poured out like soldiers storming normandy: they ran through the barbed wire, right at the guns. but some survived, the lucky ones dragged themselves through the surf and made it ashore. ten thousand we launched and if only three were to reach their destination then we would weep as pyhrrus, but be victorious nonetheless.

meanwhile back home partial sentences sat around the dinner table, waiting for the dreaded sound of a door slamming, the delivery of news that they would be forever torn apart and left incomplete.

3 Responses to “ten thousand words”

  1. Baoke said:

    Hrm. That was…excellent. I will savor those last couple sentences all week.

  2. maggie said:

    lee, do i need to invite you for dinner and liquor you up and break out the firefly?

  3. Baoke said:

    That would make ANYONE feel better.