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3 January 2007

it’s penny arcade with tycho and gabe, it’s the penny arcade

the frontalittle squad is one of the strangest bands i’ve ever heard, and it really did take a while for their particular brand of internet-collaborated indie-nerdcore to grow on me, but eventually they were successful. i certainly hope that my love of songs like penny arcade and space cadet is not going to come back and haunt me like my brief 7th grade infatuation with the music of “wierd al” yankovic has. of course, white and nerdy will always appeal to a more mainstream audience than a song like saving throw, so i’m probably screwed.

perhaps of more interest to my faithful readers is that i finally got the all-clear from my doctors with respect to my elbow. turns out not getting a screw slapped in there was the right choice, and hopefully i’ll be getting back up to full strength again soon. here’s to less getting hurt in 2007.

4 Responses to “it’s penny arcade with tycho and gabe, it’s the penny arcade”

  1. Michael said:

    Ugh, you let that grow on you? I didn’t even make it past the first minute of the penny arcade song.

  2. sean said:

    yes! let’s here it for less injuries in 2007.

  3. lantius said:

    blah blah blah mr. “ripping sheet metal and dudes growling about eviscerating nuns”.

    anyhow, the problem with the pa song is that it’s just that the hook is perpetually stuck in my head. the rest of it is faily meh.

  4. baoke said:

    I’ve got to go with Lee, here. I think if you find yourself writing a sentence like, “My growing love for bedroom black metal,” you’ve given up your ability to rip on any music, anywhere, ever. This isn’t to say that “bedroom black metal (I can’t say it enough)” is bad, but, you know, perspective.

    We’ll make an exception for any musical genre that has more to do with thongs than instruments.