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6 February 2007

so come on home, but don’t forget to leave

apparently google maps has recently updated it’s satellite data set for the portland metropolitan area, so for the first time ever i’m finally able to take my childhood understanding of spatial relationships and put them in front of you with some actual visualization. or, to put it more succicntly, here’s arial imagery of where i grew up, though somewhat changed in the last fifteen years:

my house, with my grandparent’s property adjacent to the west. of course you can’t tell the slope but that thing is on a steady hill down to the creek at right. still there was alot of woods to explore.

my other grandparent’s farm, complete with the red barn and massive tree (oak? chestnut?) where i stacked haybales and at one point owned a cow. if you go a little bit northwest of there, you can also see camas’ very own castle.

moving on to uptown camas, you can see a bunch of things: crown park with the public outdoor swimming pool, james david zellerbach elementary (nee middle) school, liberty middle school (nee chs), doc harris stadium (go papermakers!), and st. thomas aquinas church.

downtown, well, you’ve got the mill?

that’s pretty much what there is of camas, at least that which is interesting from the air. i guess if you are ever there with a hot air balloon and internet access you could use my maps to say, find the best pizza place in camas or great fries and milkshakes, but that seems a little unlikely.

anyhow, everybody knows that the best milkshakes are at the fair.

3 Responses to “so come on home, but don’t forget to leave”

  1. Michael said:

    The pictures are pretty old, I guess — in the photo the old man still hasn’t put the walls up on his garage. At least this time around they don’t have my volvo parked out front.

    Ha! Remember when I used to own cars?

  2. lantius said:

    yeah. it can’t be that old, i mean the new high school hasn’t been around for long.

    man that thing looks crazy!

  3. pixie said:

    Shockingly enough (or perhaps not), I have fond memories of Camas.