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26 January 2009

you know when i’m wearin’ my socks it’s business time, they’re business socks

so as most of you who follow my twitter feed or have friended me on facebook are aware, after seven and a half years of working for the UW at the BRTC and probably six years of talking about getting a new job i’ve finally moved onto greener pastures.

quick facts:

  • the new company is datstat, in fremont.
  • they (we!) build data collection software and research management systems for universities and businesses.
  • i’m excited to be done with classic asp and vbscript, but not particularly excited about asp.net. we’ll see.
  • my first real day will be 2/9, but i’ve already picked up my laptop and started checking my email account obsessively.
  • i did get a pretty significant pay rise, but that’s the nature of leaving the university.

i definitely feel like the university has been a good place for me, and i am sad to be leaving it. either as a student or an employee i’ve been there continuously since 1997, and it has been in almost every way the center of my seattle experience. fortunately, datstat is in a good location and has a number of former university employees so i’m hoping to feel right at home.