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28 January 2009

sixteen candles down the drain

as tagged over on facebook, here are my sixteen random things. hopefully this satiates the howling madness of meme consumption at the center of the internet universe – i don’t know if i have enough random facts to fulfill further such requests.

  1. i have been into computers since the fourth grade, when i discovered the magic of the oregon trail.
  2. i have not always been into bikes – i basically gave up on them after my father passed away since there was nowhere to ride to in fern prairie, and only started riding again when i got my first job in seattle.
  3. macaroni & cheese from the box is my staple food.
  4. when i was a small child, i had curly blond hair, and i was cute enough that my mom got pictures for free from the local studio in exchange for using my portrait in their promotional materials.
  5. i was active in 4-H, and as part of the replacement heifer program i raised a cow named teresa for two years.
  6. had i been born a girl, my parents planned on naming me teresa.
  7. i grew up in a small town. i would walk into the bank downtown and the tellers would recognize me as “peggy’s son”.
  8. i didn’t get especially interested in music until i got my first computer, and then all i had access to was mod and s3m tracker files. space debris and war in middle earth were soundtracks to many simple console games.
  9. i only rarely find myself laughing out loud at other people’s jokes, and i sometimes wish that i was not so humor-jaded.
  10. i still use pine to read my email, having switched over from elm over ten years ago. i hate formatted email messages.
  11. i tend to dislike competition, and prefer activities that focus on cooperation. when games get too competitive, i resort to alternative, disruptive and distracting tactics. this has not endeared people to playing settlers of catan with me.
  12. i go jogging once a year, just to remind myself how much i hate going jogging.
  13. the last major vacation i went on was to greece for two weeks. i have not inherited my mother’s love of travel – i am content to keep exploring the many forests, mountains, and coves in my own back yard rather than wandering the globe. the only thing i miss is the food.
  14. once upon a time, i was excited about different things: going to punk rock shows, building my own computers, being good at video games. i am okay with the new things i am excited about, but sometimes wish i could feel the way i once did about the old.
  15. i often play out hypothetical situations in my head. this has resulted in mild hypochondria, relationship breakdowns, and some general confusion. my brain is the sort that latches on to the ‘what if’ and runs with it, for good or evil.
  16. even though it’s long past passe, i still like to title emails and blog posts with random snippets of song lyric.