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3 May 2005

about me

lee drinks beeri had a home page on the internet before you knew what the internet was.

my first web browser was lynx.

i still read my email in pine.

i represent the nerdcore aesthetic, and that is reflected in my love of computers, gaming, and bicycles. aside from that, i enjoy drinking beer, meeting interesting people, and listening to music. i became a Christian in June of 2000, and have since become a bit of a religion nerd as well.

this webpage was designed using wordpress, emacs, and php on a very low power pentium iii running debian unstable. i wasn’t drinking Guinness at the time, but i was listening to Pennywise.

my computers are minimal these days: this debian server sitting in my basement and a g4 ibook named stormtrooper.

a sampling of my favorite musicians: optimus rhyme, tennis pro, minibosses, autumn sonata, erik halverson band, george washington’s chump, mc frontalot, mc chris, mc hawking, add music, john reuben, flogging molly, pennywise, death cab for cutie, the shins, dr. dre, mercir, blue scholars, dj format

frequently asked questions
q: where did the name “lantius” come from?
a: lantius was my second real d&d character from ages ago. i’d gotten into the game after reading the dragonlance series of novels at my local library. turns out they also had a small collection of 1st edition books and copies of dragon magazine available for use. so i started figuring out how the game works. my first character, i shit you not, was leeardathas half-elven, the half-elf fighter/cleric/magic-user. multiclassing worked a little differently in those days. regardless, even i realized that leeardathas was a pretty stupid name for a character. so, still inspired by the works of weis and hickman i invented the staff of lantius, a riff on raistlin’s staff of magius. lantius himself was an elf magic-user / thief, and his staff (of course) had many magical properties. i ended up playing some twenty-five different iterations of the lantius character, and along the way i discovered bulletin board systems that needed a screen name. lantius was a natural choice for my online alter-ego. to save on typing and weird looks at my pseudolatin screen name, i often abbreviated it to lant. these days it’s far more likely to see me as leew than lant or lantius.

q: and “wackacon”?
a: it’s a concept created by optimus rhyme. the wackacon menace that threatens to overtake the world stands at the back of the show, arms crossed. they refuse to enjoy music, and instead actively promote the creation of bad music around the world. i chose the name somewhat ironically, since i don’t particularly think of myself as an actual wackacon.

q: are you a huge dork?
a: yes. oh absolutely yes. but i’m a loveable dork.