7 April 2008

everything you want, it’s a great idea

monte cristo panorama

the slow progression of sunlight deeper into the evening combined with the noticeable change in the texture of the rain has started to stir in me a longing to load up my bike with camping supplies and head out into the wilderness. the showers over the weekend were just the right kind that, had i actually been out adventuring, i’d not have minded a bit of a misting.

instead of actually riding my bike, however, i went over to alex’s to finish brazing a new porteur rack for the long haul trucker. i broke the $8 nashbar rack i’d been using sometime last year and over the winter i’ve been using a bulky, heavy jandd extreme front rack. it’s hard to imagine any amount of weight making the lht feel more sluggish, but somehow that beast accomplished it.

the new rack uses a platform scavenged from alex’s first build, and since he no longer likes the look of 3/8″ tubing i took advantage of it and built myself a beefy design. it’s got an integrated 6mm mount for screwing on a bit of handlebar to hold my headlight and a cable stop on the rear for my cantilever brakes. after shopping today i put 35 pounds of groceries on it and it didn’t really flex at all, so that bodes well. i think i’m kind of getting the hang of this whole brazing thing. who knows what my next project will be?

of course, hopefully that project will be in the fall, when the weather again turns to the dark, cold, wetness. in the meantime i’ve got a new porteur rack, a new (dumpstered) downmat 9 deluxe, and my trusty bike, hammock, sleeping bag and bucket panniers that need to see the stars.

monte cristo camp panorama

10 March 2008

extra special bonus bicycle post

meet the newest member of my bicycle stable:

25 August 2007

cause you’re my cheeseburger, i’ll wait for you

hamburger stand in cascade locks, or
my first ever road post, and my first ever post from my new phone. having a web browser and keyboard in my pocket is kind of a strange feeling, and has a a balance of both good and bad; it’s a handy tool, but also a substantial source of distraction.

regardless, we’re currently at ainsworth state park on the oregon side of the columbia gorge. yesterday we woke up stupidly early at jace’s house in portland, loaded up our bicycles with gear, and headed out. we took the max blue line out to gresham – damn light rail is such a good mas transit experience. from there we headed west, dropped down to cross the sandy river, and then started our climb up the historic columbia river highway. the fog and clouds broke somewhere after crown point, and suddenly we were basking in the clear sunny skies of centralish oregon. we ended up going all the way to cascade locks, which included riding on the shoulder if the interstate and traversing some steep stairs as well as a six mile section of abandoned highway, restored for bicycles alone. once there we deservedly and lazily laid about in the grass and watched barges go by. and then ate the most delicious food (as it always is) from a little hamburger and ice cream stand. bacon cheeseburger and chocolate peanut butter shake for the win!

with an eye to our schedule, we came back downriver to ainsworth, once again traversing the freeway and stairs. we showed up just in time to get the already paid for site of some folks leaving early, in a full campground. win!

today we ride back over highway 30 into portland, harass jace further, clean up and ride downtown to see spamalot. i’m excited!

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