29 December 2006

it was for freedom, from myself and from the land

last night i found myself reflecting on some of the darker aspects of my personality and things i’ve done that i regret. it’s not something i take pleasure in examining, but we all have these skeletons in our closet that we carry with us, times when we have delved towards the lower limit of our humanity by choice or error. we bury them and keep them hidden from others – knowing intimately the struggle we face in loving the dark places others have accidentally or intentionally revealed. meanwhile, the great bulk of society puts on a face of confidence, all together buying into the corporate lie for our own perceived benefit and safety.

were we to all drop those masks, all-at-once in a you show me yours, i’ll show you mine scenario, would there be any love left in the world of man? or would we be so repulsed by the reflection of our own shame in one another that we would be driven into solitude? if there is to be any hope left it would be in the love of Christ, but the masks of christians are even the more delicate and intricate, covering a myriad of sins with deceit rather than love. meanwhile, in the shadows behind the mask the darkness remains, and grows.

31 August 2006

ten thousand words

the words poured out like soldiers storming normandy: they ran through the barbed wire, right at the guns. but some survived, the lucky ones dragged themselves through the surf and made it ashore. ten thousand we launched and if only three were to reach their destination then we would weep as pyhrrus, but be victorious nonetheless.

meanwhile back home partial sentences sat around the dinner table, waiting for the dreaded sound of a door slamming, the delivery of news that they would be forever torn apart and left incomplete.

28 August 2006

a war of head vs. heart

how do you tell the difference between a moment of courage and a moment of weakness?

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