25 August 2006

like some displaced cosmonaut

if it only hurts when i slow down, then perhaps i should try to keep moving? just run myself to exhausting day in and day out. perhaps i could make it as a cycle messenger.

23 August 2006

we find ourselves in the same old mess, singing drunken lullabies

a super awesome .83 ride tonight, tons of miles and good times – it seemed like everyone had a smile on their face the whole time. plus i came home with a package of grand central bolo rolls and a nalgene full of espresso chocolate, both from dumpsters. delicious!

another nice feature of tonight’s ride was the restraint on the drinking front. we had a relatively brief dinner & beer stop at stellars in georgetown, but it was a tiny thing compared to our typical bachhanalia.

i think this was a good thing for me, and i’m resolving to cut back on the drinking front a bit this week. i know that when i don’t like how i feel it’s always a bit more tempting to grab a cold pint or seven, and while i surely don’t like how i feel these days, i also know that it’s not helping anything. unfortunately, i don’t know what will help anything. i fear that some of my current ideas are not very sound.

20 August 2006

and even hitler had a girlfriend who he could always call

i’ve added a redacted category now. it’s for all the times i want to post tons of things but ultimately think better of most everything i want to say. at one point my wordpress had five incomplete posts, each containing one paragraph and some pithy title stolen from a song, book, or film.

i saw snakes on a plane tonight. it was not too bad. it’d have been improved with a slight change in company, but i guess you could append that to the rest of my week as well. here’s trusting that next week will hurt a little less.

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