5 August 2008

today i…

flew on a seaplane. i saw this:

then i ate at the wallingford pizza house, the home of the dome. followed by dessert at molly moon’s just down the block. i boomed some blox, finished off the beer from this weekend, and then came home to watch the west wing and update my blog template a bit. observe the newfangled twitter link and slightly cleaner interface!

yes, indeed, my birthday week marched out triumphantly.

16 June 2008

smoke, some foreign fire breathing out across the sea, across the sea

so it’s now mid-june and i’ve done pretty well with my goal to get outside, carpe diem and utilize my wochenenden.

despite siff’s best efforts to keep me entheatered, i’ve managed to make it out into the woods for three quick camping trips.

mid-may we piled into the volvo with my housemates and drove up to bellingham for mrs. sarah’s 30th birthday bash. i hadn’t been to larrabee state park before so that was a treat. plus we borrowed alex’s tarptent. the whole trip was less than 18 hours but got all the staples – fire, food, banter, sleepin’ under the stars, and of course awesome sunsets:

two weekends later andre and i dusted off the bikes for a s24o out to green mountain state park. we left on the 530pm ferry after work and were camping by 9pm – this time of the year it’s amazing how well that works out. hammocks went up and the campground was scouted for potential band of idiots escapades. once again we hit all of the high points, and andre turned a pile of wet wood into a pretty solid blaze:

most recently, cc and i took a trek up into the olympic mountains. for all of my biking adventures and other outdoorsyness, turns out that i’ve never actually been backpacking. hikes, sure, bike camping, yeah, but carrying my stuff on my back to sleep in the woods? craziness. regardless, on alex and christine’s advice we loaded up the jeep and headed out to lena lake. it was roughly equal time driving there and hiking but it was a good first effort. for caroline it was her first test of her new tarptent and trekking poles. for me it was the first time putting onto my back all of the stuff my bike normally hauls. i’d estimate my load was pretty minimal overall – although somehow i ended up carrying the kitchen and the shelter. i’m sure a titanium pot and a pop can stove will make all the difference in the way my back felt the next day. that and perhaps a better groundpad – while my new hammock pad is quite warm and light, it’s not really what i require for sleeping on the ground. apparently my choice of dress pants and a wool hat went over pretty well – caroline snapped this photo when she thought i looked particularly dapper:

7 April 2008

everything you want, it’s a great idea

monte cristo panorama

the slow progression of sunlight deeper into the evening combined with the noticeable change in the texture of the rain has started to stir in me a longing to load up my bike with camping supplies and head out into the wilderness. the showers over the weekend were just the right kind that, had i actually been out adventuring, i’d not have minded a bit of a misting.

instead of actually riding my bike, however, i went over to alex’s to finish brazing a new porteur rack for the long haul trucker. i broke the $8 nashbar rack i’d been using sometime last year and over the winter i’ve been using a bulky, heavy jandd extreme front rack. it’s hard to imagine any amount of weight making the lht feel more sluggish, but somehow that beast accomplished it.

the new rack uses a platform scavenged from alex’s first build, and since he no longer likes the look of 3/8″ tubing i took advantage of it and built myself a beefy design. it’s got an integrated 6mm mount for screwing on a bit of handlebar to hold my headlight and a cable stop on the rear for my cantilever brakes. after shopping today i put 35 pounds of groceries on it and it didn’t really flex at all, so that bodes well. i think i’m kind of getting the hang of this whole brazing thing. who knows what my next project will be?

of course, hopefully that project will be in the fall, when the weather again turns to the dark, cold, wetness. in the meantime i’ve got a new porteur rack, a new (dumpstered) downmat 9 deluxe, and my trusty bike, hammock, sleeping bag and bucket panniers that need to see the stars.

monte cristo camp panorama

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