5 August 2008

today i…

flew on a seaplane. i saw this:

then i ate at the wallingford pizza house, the home of the dome. followed by dessert at molly moon’s just down the block. i boomed some blox, finished off the beer from this weekend, and then came home to watch the west wing and update my blog template a bit. observe the newfangled twitter link and slightly cleaner interface!

yes, indeed, my birthday week marched out triumphantly.

13 May 2008

i can keep rhythm with no metronome, no metronome, no metronome

the flobots are really great. oddly enough, this up-and-coming hiphop act reminds me of no other band more than cake, especially on their lead-off single, handlebars.

once you get that song good and stuck in your head, you’ll probably be looking for some other, non-musical auditory enjoyment delivered directly through your cochlea to your brainstem. might i suggest listening to one of the newfangled internet podcasts that are available for your listening pleasure?

at the top of the list i narcissistically must place the rulezero.org podcast, featuring none other than myself, jon safety monkey grover , and paul the blogless springer. i know i’ve pimped it out before, but we’ve shortened up our format and we’ve got a few new episodes up for your listening pleasure. check out episodes 9 and 10 – you don’t even have to be obsessed with video games to like it now as much, although it still helps to like nerdy crap.

next up is the podcast that has (somewhat ironically, given the title) been hurting my podcast self-esteem since i first started listening to it. you look nice today brings the “three guys chatting about whatever” game to a whole new level. it even features interludes with john hodgman between the humorous lols from their twitterin’ principals: lonelysandwich, scottsimpson, and hotdogsladies.

lastly, and you kind of have to be a real nerd like me to like this one: the penny arcade podcast. it’s fair to say that this was one of the two biggest inspirations for my own podcasting desires (the other being the now defunct daily affirmation with kris and scott (scott and kris)). it’s a rambling look into the minds of creative folks as they sit around working.

20 December 2007

code monkey think maybe manager want to write god damn login page himself

i like fritos. and if you don’t follow, then you need to listen to jonathan coulton. so badly. seriously. he’s really talented!

if you’re interested in hearing more, less-talented audio, might i direct you to episode 01 (nee 00) of the rulezero podstravaganza. in it, you will hear the poetic waxings of myself, jon “safety monkey” grover, esquire, and paul the websiteless. we discuss a few things about video games and d&d 4th edition, make some dick jokes, and generally banter about like you’ve probably seen us do in real life. we’ve got one more episode already in the can, and a halfisode made with too high of a beer-to-content ratio that will hopefully show up on the commentary track for the rulezero podstravaganza premium boxed set remastered platinum extended edition.

today is a day of feeling like a slacker, because christmas break is right around the corner. tonight if you’re in the greenlake area you should come by to cheer on the contestants in the third annual greenlake race of champions. and then tomorrow i’m gonna shake off my hangover and fly to bfe western oregon, and christmas break will have officially begun.

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