20 August 2006

and even hitler had a girlfriend who he could always call

i’ve added a redacted category now. it’s for all the times i want to post tons of things but ultimately think better of most everything i want to say. at one point my wordpress had five incomplete posts, each containing one paragraph and some pithy title stolen from a song, book, or film.

i saw snakes on a plane tonight. it was not too bad. it’d have been improved with a slight change in company, but i guess you could append that to the rest of my week as well. here’s trusting that next week will hurt a little less.

17 August 2006

you’ll show up and walk by

i’ve uploaded a ton of images from my trip to pdx over on both the .83 galleries and some less-bikey ones on my flickr account.

notably i really like this panorama i took from the top of the marquam bridge, aka i-5:
pdx panorama

i feel like i have so much more to say here but i don’t know how to say it. stupid words, why must you be so inadequate? i would like to go back to a simpler time. a time when i could sit on the swingset and be entertained. a time when happiness had fewer complications and felt more solid, more easily embraced and less likely to slip away. all i know is that i don’t want to be here anymore, but i don’t have any clue where would be better.

swingset back home

29 May 2006

translating binary into libraries of bizarre scribbled patterns

how did writing get to be such an onerous task for me? somehow i am able to craft clever and witty correspondence and dialogue, but i’m unable to focus as i once did on creating coherent arguments and tying my thoughts together for more than a paragraph or two.

i’m trying to draft up an article (or perhaps two) about community for cranked magazine and though my brain contains a dozen or more ideas and stubs thereof somehow my fingers only keep typing out insipid crap.


this is made worse by the fact that community and cycling are two topics that i am passionate about, and on which i think i have a good amount to contribute. in fact, i delivered a ten minute spiel to leah at lunch the other day. unfortunately, sitting down in front of the computer it comes out drier than week old dumpster bread.

i’m not the sort of person who has really consciously thought about the things they’d like to get better at, i’ve simply learned by doing. my cycling has improved because i’ve been cycling constantly. same for my computing skills. in school my writing improved because i was writing regularly. now that i’m not being forced to practice regularly, these writing muscles have weakened.

once upon a time i fancied that i could become a writer of sorts. i could follow in the footsteps of those writers i admired. it’s not looking too likely these days. i can scarcely put a sentence together adequately, much less reach into my bag of ideas and pull out the right words to express what i’m really thinking.

hopefully writing here has flexed at least a few of the relevant mental muscles, because i’d really like to get this stuff out of my head and onto the computer.

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