10 March 2010

hey, it’s me!

it’s youtube week over here on lantius.org, apparently. how about this basically perfect shot-for-shot recut of star wars to match the magnum pi intro.

21 May 2009


great 40-bit wep key, or greatest 40-bit wep key?

my toot over on twitter appears to be the first-and-only googleable result for BEEFDECADE. in my humble opinion, it’s the 0xDEADBEEF of the short-lived 40-bit generation.

other contenders:

why did i need an easily-rememberable 40-bit wep key, you might ask? because i got the extremely shit-hot WMWifiRouter application that makes my cellphone turn into a 3g-backed wifi hotspot. we’ll see if i can use that to get myself in trouble or not.

26 February 2009

they don’t love you like i love you

brandon martin-anderson is a cool guy, with cool ideas. back in 2007 i painstakingly recorded a gmap-pedometer log of each of my non-trivial bike rides for the year and recorded the url in a google spreadsheet. using his mad skills, brandon has taken the gpx data pulled out from those 215 gps records and in about five minutes thrown them into the image above. he’s cropped off the long bits – the ben country ride out to hood canal, the trip to whidbey, and the trek out to fall city. but the rest is there, an impressive trace of my rides around the city two years ago. the full-size version is even cooler. maybe i should start this project up again.

as for brandon, he’s got some even cooler ideas. do you have a bunch of your bike ride data saved?

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