16 October 2006

an open apology to anyone, anywhere who has ever extolled the virtues of sufjan while i stood idly by, not really listening to what they were blathering on about

so this past weekend i responded to a random invitation from my friend kristen to drive down to portland to see the sufjan stevens concert at the crystal ballroom. i’d never really listened to sufjan, perhaps once while riding in the car with jason or jordan, so i had no particular longing to see him. but the fact of the matter was that i really had nothing better scheduled, and the promise of seeing my wonderful ma and getting some delicious grub and beer at the hb was more than adequate to tip the scales in the favor of a pdx trip.

it was in a word, brilliant. why didn’t i listen before? regardless, i am now a sufjan proponent.

please, please, if you doubt me give at least these few tracks (from his album “come on feel the illinoise!”) a listen from my happy local streaming server:

of course, they are approximately five times better at full fidelity, and even more impressive with live horns and strings in a cavernous space such as the crystal. definitely worth seeing live.

16 August 2006

i’m starting to get used to this feeling of last place

i don’t think of myself as very musically inclined. i mean, i don’t think i even started listening to anything other than the nerd staples of soundtracks and weird al yankovic until sometime in high school. i can play a total of three songs on the piano (if you count my renditions london bridge and mary had a little lamb as distinct), make a couple different noises on the didjeridu, and be really annoying with a djembe.

fortunately, the last seven or eight years i’ve been fortunate to have a number of friends in bands making music that i really enjoy. one of the best musicians i’ve had the privilege of knowing is danny kwak, and he just played his last seattle show last night with his ensemble band yesan damen at the chop suey. i highly recommend you check his music out. you can still pick up a copy of their cd at cdbaby.

unfortunately for danny, he’s reached the place where ‘reality’ and ‘passion’ stand at odds. with it looking improbable that his musicianship will provide him with a career, he’s moving back down to los angeles to pursue graduate school. it’s pretty hard to see him go.

yesan damen at the chop suey

6 April 2006

sheep entrails for the digital age

okay, it’s meme time again. maybe i should have one meme a week. meme mondays? theinternet thursdays? i got this one from lt. it’s music-based, in that the answers to these questions were helpfully provided by itunes shuffle over my two thousand song library. usefulness of this form of divination? low.

  1. how does the world see you?
    imaginary girl – tennis pro, cassie’s junior varsity make-out squad. i would like to be known as the guy with an imaginary girlfriend.
  2. will I have a happy life?
    get up – dropkick murphys, do or die. if i don’t get up, if i don’t stand for something then i’ll fall for anything.
  3. what do my friends really think of me?
    believe, – third day, time. but then, what do they know?
  4. do people secretly lust after me?
    salty dog – flogging molly, swagger. hopefully this does not mean a drunken pirate secretly lusts after me.
  5. how can I make myself happy?
    come just as you are, crystal lewis, greatest hits. probably the most accurate answer i’ve ever seen.
  6. what should i do with my life?
    you’re pretty when i’m drunk – the bloodhound gang. check!
  7. will i ever have children?
    wish i hadn’t stayed so long – hayes carll, sxsw 2005 showcasing artist compilation. possible interpretations here seem to be a substantial stretch.

  8. what is some good advice for me?
    solstice: reintroduction – blue scholars, blue scholars: the expanded re-release. in the title? not much for advice.

  9. will i be remembered?
    date with destiny – pennywise, full circle. this is eerily accurate, actually.
  10. what is my signature dancing song?
    the white tree – soundtrack, the lord of the rings: the return of the king. well, no. though it does kind of make me tear up just to think about the grandeur of minas tirith when behold, the lords of gondor have returned!
  11. what do i think my current theme song is?
    crime and punishment – fun lovin’ criminals, come find yourself. dostoyevsky, i am not.

  12. what does everyone else think my current theme song is?
    fear of the last branch – mercir, as small as the center. if i gave you two thousand two hundred and ten of my mp3s and asked you to pick for me a theme song and this is what you came up with i would give you a huge gem-encrusted golden trophy.
  13. what song will play at my funeral?
    you – bad religion, no control. please? eternity my friend is a long fucking time.
  14. what type of men/women do i like?
    suite autumn – soundtrack, halo. sweet autumn? perhaps!

  15. what is my day going to be like tomorrow?
    see you soon – coldplay, live 2003. and with that i’m done. see you tomorrow?

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